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School boards face no greater responsibility than hiring a superintendent to meet the needs of their local communities.  Navigating through the superintendent search process is considerably complex, time-consuming, and complicated.
Fortunately for our members, NHSBA is the foremost provider of this service in New Hampshire and has significant experience in assisting school boards through those complexities and legalities involved in conducting a superintendent search. 

Our service provides: 
  • Experience and reliability.
  • Carefully developed pool of state, regional, and national candidates.
  • Meaningful method of community input
  • Access to a comprehensive recruitment network.
  • Confidence of an organization well-known to candidates.
  • Guarantee of confidentiality.
  • Custom designed searches at the most competitive rates offered in New Hampshire.
  • Access to NHSBA Staff Attorney to ensure compliance with the Right to Know law, confidentiality requirements, and other legal aspects. 
For other administrative searches (principal, central office staff, etc.) though NHSBA does not provide a service to assist with the search itself, NHSBA will advertise the position at no charge to our member school board.
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