One of the most important duties of a school board is to establish school board policy. For an annual fee of $450.00, your school board can become a Policy Service Subscriber. Policy Service Subscribers receive the following benefits and services:
  • Ongoing policy development and general legal information from NHSBA's Staff Attorney.
  • Twice-yearly NHSBA Policy Updates, including new and revised NHSBA Sample Policies.
  • Access to NHSBA Sample Policy Database.  The Policy Database includes all NHSBA Sample Policies, an easy-to-use search function, and the ability to directly download all NHSBA Sample Policies. 
  • Timely information regarding policies mandated by law. 
Click here to enter NHSBA's Policy Database.

Policy Manual Review
NHSBA is pleased to offer a Policy Manual Review service for its Policy Subscribers.  Our Staff Attorney will review your school board’s policy manual and provide a written report covering format, organization, style, and content.  Notation will be made of any policies required by state or federal law that are not included in your manual. Policy Manual Review is a contract service provided for a flat fee of $1,500.00.

Please contact NHSBA's Staff Attorney and Director of Policy Services, Will Phillips, at wphillips@nhsba.org for more information about NHSBA’s policy services.