NHSBA frequently advocates at the New Hampshire Legislature on behalf of its members.  Every year, the Legislature considers numerous bills that have significant effects on school boards – from school board governance, to funding, to labor relations and to student matters.  It is vital that the voice of New Hampshire’s school boards be heard by state policy-makers.  

NHSBA’s policy positions are determined by our members at our annual NHSBA Delegate Assembly.  These Resolutions are adopted by NHSBA members and guide the positions NHSBA takes at the Legislature.  In addition to advocating on our member’s behalf at the Legislature, NHSBA provides its members with weekly Legislative Updates during each Legislative session and a year-end Legislative Summary.
While it is important for the Legislature to hear from NHSBA, it is equally important for the Legislature to hear directly from elected school boards as to how specific legislation will impact our school districts, communities and taxpayers.  From time to time, NHSBA designates certain legislation as an “NHSBA Action Item”.  On these specific items, NHSBA urges its members to contact their local representatives directly and help advance NHSBA’s efforts.