NHDOE iPlatform Picture

iPlatform: A Portal Into Public Schools

NHSBA is pleased to partner with the NH Department of Education in hosting a webinar on Thursday June 17, 2021 at 12pm regarding the Department’s iPlatform.
iPlatform was initially launched in 2019 in response to ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) reporting requirements which the Department expanded in an initiative for full data transparency and to foster a data-use culture across our communities. The new version establishes a unified new technology platform for all of the Department’s data tools which is the groundwork for further tool integration and seamless reporting capabilities. Enhanced dashboard interactivity and a consistent look and feel as well as multiple new features make this version a welcome addition to the available data tools offering.
The webinar will be facilitated by Mike Schwarz and Paula Tsetsilas of Demonstrated Success, an organization from Portsmouth that provides services on climate and culture, leadership mentoring, professional development, data analysis, curriculum planning and improvement to teaching and learning. Both Mike and Paula are former NH school board members with whom NHSBA has worked with. It is also anticipated that Commissioner Edelblut from the NHDOE will be on the webinar.