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School Board Roles & Responsibilities

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

5/23/18 Strategic Planning Workshop Materials

Effective School Board Meetings

9/11/18 & 9/13/18 Budgeting Workshop Materials

10/3/18 Data Security & Privacy for School Districts: Policy Guide & Legal Requirements Presentation

10/3/18 Data Security & Privacy for School Districts: Policy Guide & Legal Requirements Handout

FIRST NH Robotics

12/12/18 HB 1612 Data Privacy and Security Presentation

1/26/19 2019 NHSBA Delegate Assembly Presentations

2018-2019 Webinar Series

9/24/18   The Right to Know Law: Non-Public Sessions & Non-Meetings Presentation
               Non-Public Minutes Checklist
               RSA 91-A: Access to Governmental Records and Meetings as of Sept 2018

10/22/18   Board Member Digital Communications & Social Media: Considerations in Light of the Right to Know Law and the First Amendment Presentation

10/19/18     School Board Advisory & Sub-Committees, & Board Policy Development Presentation
                 AYF - Policy Primere Handout

3/25/19     Right to Know Law Introduction Presentation
                 Non-Public Meeting Checklist
                 RSA 91-A Statutes as of March 2019
                 Right to Know Law Meeting Flow Chart
                 AYF - Overview of NH Right to Know Law - RSA 91-A


2017-2018 Right to Know Webinar Series

09/14/17 Developments in the Right to Know Law Presentation

9/28/17 Non-Public Sessions Presentation
             Non-Public Minutes Checklist

10/16/17 What You've Always Wanted to Ask About the Right to Know Law Presentation
                RSA Selections Handout

10/18/17 Basics of School District Budgeting Presentation
               Basics of School District Budgeting Handout

12/20/17 Meeting Procedures & Public Comments Presentation

2/21/18 Use of E-Mail by Boards; Electronic Participation at Meetings Presentation
              Government Management of E-Mail - What's in Your Municipality's Inbox? 
              NHSBA Training Handout: School Board Use of Electronic Communication

4/12/18 Right to Know Law Overview for New School Board Members Presentation

4/26/18 Litigation & Consequences Presentation

5/22/18 Public Notice & Minutes Presentation