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To order any of the publications on this page, please print a copy of our order form (pdf) and fax it to: 603-228-2351 or email a request to terry@nhsba.org.  If you have any questions, please call Terry at 603-228-2061.

Becoming a Better Board Member: A Guide to Effective School Board Service (Third Edition) $40
Newly expanded and updated for the 21st century, NSBA's best-selling guide to school board service has been revised to incorporate Key Work of School Boards concepts and to reflect new governance realities, including the requirements of No Child Left Behind. Chapters address learning board service; exercising leadership; working with the superintendent and staff; understanding collective bargaining, education law, and school finance; communicating with your colleagues and the public; and contemporary issues in education--including charters, vouchers, and privatization; student demographics; wellness; school construction and design; education technology; and school security. A comprehensive glossary, plus review questions with each chapter, make this a perfect learning tool for the novice and a valuable refresher course for veteran school board members.

Green Schools: An American School Board Journal Anthology $10
The idea of green schools -- energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings -- has taken a strong hold on the last decade. Not only do green school buildings save money for districts, they also offer opportunities to teach students and the community about environmental science, as well as biology, chemistry, engineering, and technology. Green schools help create the next generation of citizens who are aware of their responsibilities as stewards of the environment.

The Key Work of School Boards Guidebook $50
Newly revised in 2015, NSBA's Key Work of School Boards framework identifies the core skills that effective boards need to ensure that all students achieve at high levels through excellence in governance. Within the Key Work framework, five Key Work action areas are examined in detail: Vision, Accountability, Policy, Community Leadership, and Relationships. With these skills, boards can guide their vision to fruition by exploring, questioning, assessing, and working with others to improve outcomes for today’s students as well as America’s next generation. In this update, we preserved the best content found in previous editions while expanding the scope of pertinent Key Work areas. In the current update, we also identify new, critical Key Work areas (Policy, Community Leadership) of importance in the larger Key Work of School Boards framework. The Key Work Guidebook is available in softcover print version.

The School Personnel Management System $60
NEW "Soft Bound" format of original 3-ring binder book...same valuable content.

With 80 percent of a typical annual operating budget earmarked for school personnel costs, you want your district to get the most for its money. Personnel policies must be practical, legal and current. Your policies must ensure that you hire the best people for each position and then keep them. Revised in 1996 with the American Association of School Personnel Administrators, the latest edition of NSBA's best-selling,The School Personnel Management System, brings logic, thoroughness, and order to an increasingly complex variety of employee responsibilities. It features new sections explaining the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and technology use in personnel administration. It also includes a comprehensive sample job description section.

SCHOOL REFORM: An American School Board Journal Anthology $10
Vouchers, charter schools, privatization, turnaround schools -- many current reforms seem targeted to undermine local governance and decision-making. School boards are unfairly portrayed as defenders of the status quo. In this anthology from the editors of The American School Board Journal, you'll find stories of school boards at the forefront of reform in their districts. You'll also read about how the forces behind many reform efforts are aiming to damage public education, not improve it.

SCHOOL SAFETY AND RECOVERY: An American School Board Journal Anthology $10
Sandy Hook, Columbine, Joplin -- names that have become synonymous with devastating loss, resilience, and finally recovery. In this anthology from the editors of American School Board Journal, look back at those tragic events through the eyes of school leaders who were there. Also included are tips on how to communicate and develop a measured, yet thorough response for your students, staff and community.

TELLING YOUR STORY: A Communications Guide for School Boards $10
TELLING YOUR STORY is a 28-page communications guide for school board members. In seven easy-to-read chapters, complete with discussion points, the book focuses on how school boards can better communicate and engage with various constituencies, set the record straight about their work, build a network of supporters, work with the district's communications department, and develop an elevator speech. The book was written by Nora Carr, communications columnist for American School Board Journal, and Glenn Cook, ASBJ's publisher and executive editor.

THE ROAD TO THE COMMON CORE: An American School Board Journal Anthology $10
In a 24-page guidebook, the editors of American School Board Journal examine the Common Core State Standards. The anthology, which comes as 46 states and thousands of districts work to implement the standards by the 2014-15 school year, examines the reasoning -- and the politics -- behind an effort that could radically change how teachers teach, students learn, and both groups are evaluated.

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