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House REJECTS Voucher Bill – HB 1707

Today the House met in session and rejected by a strong and decisive vote the education certificate voucher bill, HB 1707. The first indication of the position of the House came on a roll call vote concerning the committee amendment: the vote failed 130-194. An attempt to lay the bill on the table then also failed 150-176. Another attempt to salvage the bill with a floor amendment failed 130-197. An attempt to delay further consideration of the bill until late March also failed on a 102-226 vote. Finally, a motion to Postpone Indefinitely, effectively killing the bill, was adopted 174-154. The motion to postpone indefinitely is a parliamentary procedure that does not allow further action on the question during the same session, unless receiving a favorable 2/3 vote. The House action today effectively kills the school choice certificate proposal contained in HB 1707. The defeat of this very unfavorable legislation was significantly helped by our members contacting their local legislators - and urging them to vote "NO". It also demonstrates the effectiveness of school board members working together to advocate our positions and the new NHSBA Legislative Advocacy Network. If your board hasn't yet "enrolled" a member, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. For details, call the NHSBA office at 228-2061. As the legislative session progresses, there will be many more opportunities for us to join together as locally elected school boards to make our voices heard!

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