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Kidder Conference 2013

Conference Agenda, Schedule, and Topic Handouts

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Kidder Conference 2013 - Agenda and Schedule

1.A. - Employment Laws to Consider When Dismissing or Non-renewing Teachers - Irwin

1.B. - Recent Legal Developments That Affect Collective Bargaining - Elwell

2.A. - Right to Know - The Bright Light of RSA 91-A - Boynton

2.B. - Retained Fund Balance, The New Capital Projects Law, Capital Reserves and More - Graham

3.A. - Responding to Bullying - The Law's Response to Bullying in the Cyber Age - Eggert & Minutelli

3.B. - School District Use of Social Media - Christina

4.A. - FERPA - The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act - Moran

4.B. - School District Policies for IDing Students for SPED Services - Zeling & Feltes

5.A. - Responding to Violent Students - Herland & Kincaid

5.B. - Cloud Computing Issues for School Districts - Gorrow

6.A. - The Organization o the New Hampshire School System - Teague & O'Shaughnessy

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