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NHSBA Legislative Advocacy Network

School Boards Working Together to Influence State and Federal Legislation

State and federal legislation dramatically affect what happens at the local school district level. Whether it be challenges of adequate funding from the State, or unfunded/under-funded federal mandates such as No Child Left Behind and the Individuals with Disabilities Act, local school boards must be both politically aware and politically active. In short, school boards and school board members must be strong advocates for public education.

Begun in 2004 and expanding in 2007, NHSBA has developed the Legislative Advocacy Network to ensure that the school board perspective, and voice, is understood and heard by those making critical decisions affecting public education.

This Network is designed to both inform and mobilize our members. Informing is achieved by weekly legislative updates and alerts, and annual summaries. Mobilizing is achieved through a coordinated network of local school board members who contact legislators at critical times to positively influence important political votes.

For more information, or to sign-up and actively participate, please contact Dean Michener, Director of Governmental Affairs, at deanm@nhsba.org or call 603-228-2061.

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