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NHSBA Legal Information & Services Overview

The New Hampshire School Boards Association provides general legal information to school board members and administrators. Our Staff Attorney is available to answer inquiries and provide general legal assistance to elected and appointed school officials from member school boards. NHSBA also prepares legal articles and other educational programs and publications. NHSBA frequently submits amicus curiae ("friend of the court") briefs to the New Hampshire Supreme Court on behalf of member school boards. If your school board is involved in a lawsuit that reaches the Supreme Court that includes a school law issue of statewide significance, please let us know.

Subject Matter of Inquiries
NHSBA can best assist you by answering questions of a general school law nature, especially questions that can be answered by reference to state statutes or court opinions. If an answer hinges on detailed local facts, documents, or the peculiarities of local ordinances or charters, our attorney may recommend that you consult with your regular legal counsel. These kinds of complex situations require fact-specific analysis in order to give you an accurate answer, and due to the volume of inquiries NHSBA receives, may be beyond the scope of our resources. Also, since NHSBA does not represent member school boards in court, your regular legal counsel is your best advocate in situations that are likely to lead to litigation.

As with any attorney/client relationship, our legal advice is governed by the rules of professional conduct. Therefore, the following limitations apply:
  • Our attorney/client relationship is with your school board, not the caller personally. Therefore, the right to keep legal advice confidential belongs to the school board, not the caller. This means that, while we don't share that advice with the public, we will share it with other affected officials.
  • We must honor the attorney/client relationship with each member school board. Our legal advice is not meant to interfere with the important relationship between a school board and its regular attorney. In fact, we are quite willing to share ideas and opinions with your local legal counsel. Because our client is the school board, we cannot provide private citizens with opinions on education law, nor can we advise school board members on their own private legal issues.
  • We cannot advise one member school board on a matter involving a dispute with another member school board, since that would be a clear conflict of interest.

How to Contact NHBSA Legal Services
Requests should be made through the school board Chair or the Superintendent's office.

NHSBA Staff Attorney Barrett M. Christina can be reached at (603) 228-2061. Our business hours are from 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please try to allow 48 hours for your request to be answered. If you reach voicemail, please leave a brief message describing your inquiry. We will return your phone call promptly.

Written inquiries are also encouraged. Attorney Christina can be reached via e-mail at bchristina@nhsba.org or via fax: (603) 228-2351.

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NHSBA Legal Information
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