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Resolutions for 2017

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Adopted by the 2017 NHSBA Delegate Assembly - January 21, 2017

Local Control and School District Autonomy:
  1. NHSBA supports the development of curriculum for use by trained teachers in grades K-12 to educate students in the prevention of sexual abuse, with such curriculum to be developed locally using either a model developed by the New Hampshire Department of Education or by one of the 13 state agencies that already use evidence-based sexual abuse prevention education. (2016)

  2. NHSBA supports modifying RSA 193:12 to add the following:
    "Any person who provides false information for the purpose of establishing residency for school attendance or any person who assists in doing so, may be required to remit full restitution to the school district of the improperly attended school."

  3. NHSBA supports New Hampshire’s adoption of updated requirements in statutes and rules that reflect current document imaging technologies and backup capabilities. (2016)

  4. NHSBA supports legislative action that allows criminal background checks to be shared with their Human Resources Department and that the specific charge be shared with the Superintendent so he/she can make an informed judgment related to their employment. (2017)

  5. NHSBA supports language in legislation that provides parents’ rights to opt-out of content and programs that they feel are not appropriate for their child(ren). However, NHSBA opposes language requiring parents to opt-in to content and programs for their child(ren). Opt-in language creates undue burden on the school district to account for every student who would participate, versus the few who choose not to participate. (2017)

  6. Education Funding:

  7. NHSBA supports fully funding the School Building Aid program pursuant to RSA 198:15-a. Furthermore, NHSBA believes that an adequate school building is a component of the requirement to provide an adequate education and therefore the state is obligated to provide funding for adequate school facilities. The state has failed to meet this obligation since 2009. (2017)

  8. NHSBA supports modifying RSA 198:38 to provide state funding for the cost of full day kindergarten for school districts that have chosen to provide kindergarten for the entire school day. (2017)

  9. NHSBA supports the study of the establishment of additional state adequacy aid for public pre-kindergarten. (2017)

  10. State Board of Education:

  11. NHSBA supports modifying RSA 193-C:6 to require that the State Department of Education publish the results of the statewide assessment within 30 days of receipt of the assessment results. The NHSBA supports modifying RSA 193-C:6 to prohibit embargos of assessment results by the State Department of Education, local school districts, or other agencies. (2017)

  12. Public Pension System:

  13. NHSBA supports the continuing existence of the New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS). The NHRS should be strong, secure, solvent and fiscally sustainable. To achieve this goal, NHSBA supports legislation that will strengthen NHRS’s solvency while also lessening the fiscal impact on local school districts. NHSBA supports legislative changes to NHRS that ensure NHRS is fully funded. NHSBA supports legislative changes to NHRS that return state contributions to NHRS. NHSBA supports requiring that all NHRS rate increases are shared equally between employees, employers and the state. (2017)

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