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Resolutions for 2016

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Adopted by the 2016 NHSBA Delegate Assembly - January 16, 2016

Local Control and School District Autonomy:
  1. NHSBA supports state and federal legislation that affirms the responsibility for education resides with the states, which have delegated to local school boards the power and authority to adopt policies, establish priorities, and provide accountability to direct the operation of the schools, including the school system’s mission and goals, organization, budget, program, curriculum and services, all essential to the daily operation of schools, consistent with state laws and regulations. (2014)
  2. NHSBA supports legislative affirmation of the management right associated with teacher evaluation that is an integral component of the requirement that school boards adopt a teacher evaluation policy. Further, NHSBA supports involving teachers and principals by allowing a reasonable opportunity to comment on draft school board evaluation policy, understanding that the school board has the sole prerogative to adopt a local policy it deems appropriate. (2014)
  3. NHSBA supports the efforts of the National School Boards Association to provide more local governance and flexibility by working with federal officials to ensure passage of all federal legislation and regulations consistent with this goal. (2015)
  4. NHSBA supports the development of curriculum for use by trained teachers in grades K-12 to educate students in the prevention of sexual abuse, with such curriculum to be developed locally using either a model developed by the New Hampshire Department of Education or by one of the 13 state agencies that already use evidence-based sexual abuse prevention education. (2016)
  5. NHSBA supports modifying RSA 193:12 to add the following: “Any person who provides false information for the purpose of establishing residency for school attendance or any person who assists in doing so, may be required to remit full restitution to the school district of the improperly attended school.” (2016)
  6. NHSBA supports New Hampshire’s adoption of updated requirements in statutes and rules that reflect current document imaging technologies and backup capabilities. (2016)

  7. State Board of Education:

  8. NHSBA supports the adoption of statutory language requiring that any statute or New Hampshire Department of Education rule, which mandates the adoption of local school board policies, will expire after five years; and that such statute or rule cannot be renewed without full public hearings, debate and re-authorization by the New Hampshire Legislature. All rules and regulations stipulated by the New Hampshire Department of Education must be submitted to the full New Hampshire Legislature for final consent and approval. (2015)

  9. Public Pension System:

  10. NHSBA supports legislation to strengthen the financial health and stability of NHRS, including any potential transition to a cost-saving plan such as hybrid or cash balance plans, based on sound actuary analysis. (2015)

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