A Message From NHSBA's President

Dear NHSBA Members,

As we come to another year, school boards are continuing to face challenges that create an uphill battle to deliver the education our New Hampshire students deserve.  
While we are facing the challenges in our schools and the greater communities we serve-- including the opioid crisis and the increased need for mental health interventions-- our school districts are needing to deliver not only the education to prepare our youth for college and career readiness, but also provide an environment that offers supports that are not academic in nature but impact our students' ability to thrive.
While we are facing funding threats including school voucher systems and funding of legally required student services for our youth in charter schools, we are taking what is left to maintain our district's infrastructure and maintain the programs that deliver the complete student experience.
Participation in the NHSBA has never been more critical. In this dynamically changing world we are navigating, we need to utilize the resources we have here in Concord to update and support us on impacts of legislative changes to district operations, funding, and policy. We need to improve our effectiveness by utilizing the trainings and consultations NHSBA offers on critical areas that include budgeting, collective bargaining and compliance with Right to Know Laws--just to name a few examples. 
The sample policies NHSBA provides can save thousands of valuable budget dollars that would be spent on dedicated legal counsel.
Our NHSBA staff is collaborating more than ever with organizations such as the New Hampshire School Administrators Association and the Department of Education and they are advocating our platform at the State House so that our challenges are being communicated before votes are taken.

As you walk away from the delegate assembly today, know the work here goes on. I look forward to serving you this year as your President and representing you at the National School Boards Association meeting in April.

    NHSBA President's Signature
Shannon M. Barnes
NHSBA President